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Dear queer culture makers,

we are writing to you because we are transforming and we are looking for a producer to join us for this new chapter - a FLINTAQ person ( female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans, agender, queer) who will support us in organization and communication in our following projects. 

  DIVAS is going to expand their activities and program in 2024/2025 due to the Konzeptförderung fund from the City of Zürich. We are looking forward to welcome a producer who joins the organization of our projects from January 2024/25 (including a short preparation phase till the end to 2023). 

  DIVAS facilitate artistic exchange and kinship in the field of performing arts in order to find new ways of thinking about culture making and challenging formats of artistic production. It is a flexible network for artists involved in questioning artistic, social and political realms, as well as transforming them from an embodied, inclusive perspective. Due to a q in queer for questioning,  different neurodivergent conditions and sensitivity towards life, practices of care and adapting modes of working to our positions, needs and desires is important to us.


  We are a dynamic, process-oriented project and we are looking for a person who could imagine and define the role of a producer together with us. It matters to us that the person has the strategies and motivation to create and reframe this position with us in deep connection to our political and artistic orientations, trying out new formats while also finding ways to realize our project within the given financial conditions and time frames. We are generally interested in a long-term collaboration but we would like to start from this 2 year frame, focusing on working out schedules, communication with collaborating artists and institutions, keeping up with the budget and facilitating our processes both in planning and implementation phases on site. 

  We are looking forward to hearing from you until 6th of September 2023 and until 11th of September we are going to reply and invite a couple of people to exchange individually on 18th September. After that we will choose a person/team and together with them in October 2023 we are going to finalize our plans and the budget until December 2023. We pay ourselves following the guidelines for cultural labor by t./act and would do the same with this position (1500 CHF/week) and are till now sketching work for this position for around one week in total per month. Unfortunately, only after finalizing the plans, we can name the precise conditions that we are going to assume for workload, employment and payment. 

If you would be interested in joining us in this role and together with us implement our exciting ideas - or if you know anyone who would be interested in doing this with us, send them our way. To give you an insight and support you imagining what qualities and skills we would like this person to bring in, as well as, which responsibilities this implies we prepared a short bullet point list (below). 

We are very much looking forward to the resonance, don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions - also in case you want to read the concept we applied with. 


We would like to stay open about different ways you can reach out to us, so feel free to send us a text, an audio or a video expressing your interest, a few words about yourself and some thoughts on your experience/approach to working as a producer.


With excited, tender greetings,


Cosima Grand, Aga Pędziwiatr, Rafał Pierzyński, Mira Rojzman, Yann Slattery & more

We are looking for someone who:

-  positions themselves as FLINTAQ ( female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans, agender, queer) 

- has an interest/experience in working with process-based, creative work and community oriented projects

- can support us with organizing, communicating and diffusion of our projects

- has experience in managing public funding including making budgets 

- feels at ease with communicating both with cultural institutions and with artists

- questions dominant modes of working, but can still navigate within institutional spaces (tricky, we know)

- acts empathic and reflected and can keep calm in stressful situations

- has good level of written and spoken German and English

- has lots of initiative and can act out tasks independently

- is looking for a long-term collaboration with a dynamic group of queer artists and activists


It would be an advantage if you:

- have working experience as a producer in the context of dance and/or theater

- are primarily based in Zurich 

- have an understanding of how multilayered, process-based creative processes work

- have a language praxis/interest in translating somatic and artistic ideas into words

- have experience in working in social/community/field projects with elderly




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