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Out of touch - a walk towards each otherDIVAS
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new proximity manifesto



new proximity

new - meaning nonbinary 

proximity - not in single opposition to old but to heteronormative







new as in proximity reclaimed 

learned from dancing again

from how we were dancing together, from bodiesclose 

new proximity as queer proximity

queer as life 

not limited

to color

to gender

to age

to ableism

to class

to nation

to race

to species

to aesthetics

new proximity as not in opposition to technology but with aware embodied minds

livers, lungs, and hearts, with phones and lasers in the jungle, and on the internet

proximity that we learn from touching

always reciprocal, more than one, mutual, 

giving and receiving 

at the same time, and different space, at different times, in the same space, new proximity, like in the one we remember, that we learn from past, now, and future

new proximity as in proximity with our ancestors

and remembering about the ones who can’t be with us

thinking in touch

with water

with air

with earth

with other life

us matter 

us animals

us stars

us plants

us virus

us language

us garbage

us radioactive waste

us plastic

us bombs and bullets





proximity, like in how we build our cities and how they build our societies and what nets lie under the concrete crust.

proximity, touching as a matrix, not a form but a spell for care and closeness. sexuality, the power of erotics. as in the embodiment of these questions, in my back, in my stomach, in my tongue. ancestry and proximity. as proximity learned from dancing, how we were dancing together like close body and proximity of dancing and create art. creating art as noncapitalist recreating, not new not more. connect with me! contaminating. redefine 



being creative making connections imploding uncovering new dimensions of care and touch

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