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'I assemble collages as a practical and constructive way to meditate on notions of masculinity, sexuality, oppression, trauma and catastrophe, aids, history, church, and politics. I use vintage gay porn magazines from 70's, 80’s and early 90’s together with glitter, trash, and wild animals pictures.


By incorporating animal parts in the images, I visualize my perspective on humankind beyond lines dividing species, race or gender . By placing the collage on certain objects and in specific contexts I can use them as a way to share, criticize, emphasize, cry and laugh about things that touch me. Picturing human being, body and sexuality as a process


It's also my practice to deconstruct the assumption, that the body and sex are perverse or dirty. Bringing all kinds of 'touching' and intimacy to the foreground and picturing them as necessary for our living. 


It's my way of resisting gender binary, homophobia and transphobia. It is also a look at the sexual energy of the body – as a creative power beyond sex. 


I am calling for more understanding, poetry, openness and more magic in our approach to each other, our relationships and our common futures on this planet.



see the pdf. version of #9 Touching (here), a zine I released after a residency at Madame l’Ambassadeur Esther Eppstein message salon embassy Zürich Nord.'



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