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a duet with Martyna Lorenc


is what we extracted from the process of intense movement/state research. using: strict physical tools and metaphysical challenges, techno fast-beat music, long movements sessions based on simple repetitions, holotropic breathing, etc., we challenge our usual states of being and dive into altered states of body and mind.

the installation is reduced to sharp, thin lines designing our space. the space-in-between the strings seem to create surfaces and make the invisible present. The non-empty space seems to bend and dynamically tangle around the installation, what calls for an metaphor of gates between space 'here' and viewer's ideas of potential 'there'.

applying this feature to all elements of the performance we provide only frames, open spaces for viewer's



Take-off is a short solo (with elements of improvisation) where dance appears through negotiation with my own body. I'm exploring the 'movement potential' and the 'movement to be'. Sometimes unexpected connections make you continue your path unusually. Before you formulate a thought there is still time for a shift. Where observers mind finds the potential, images 'may' shortly appear.



“Another Level” is a look at the dance performance as a dynamic process occurring in between the performers. On stage, individuals are working out a way to be together in one space. We observe possible developments inside of the process when there is no option ‘to leave’.  Falling to another levels we begin to interpret their surrounding differently.

It’s a look at another level of limitation. When one sees difficulties in every restriction, another can see opportunities in every difficulty. Working with the topic of restrictions, the performers  create a dance full of possibilities. Group improvisations and discussions, as well as personal discoveries of the eight dancers, young choreographer and music composer meet in a dance performance.

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