'Pearls before Swine' by Ewa Dziarnowska




Please join Ewa Dziarnowska with Jayson Patterson and Rafał Pierzyński for the premiere of her new dance work.

Other contributions by Maciej Sado (dramaturgical advice), Zander Porter (video), Jonas Droste (set up/installation)

Project funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe (Einstiegsförderung 2018)

Free entry/donations welcome


PS120 is an experimental project space that invites emerging artists to present new commissions in context of established artists that inform their practice.

Generously supported by Till-Oliver Kalähne and Peter Obstfelder






photo: Spyros Rennt

photo: Spyros Rennt

pic: Spyros Rennt


'Future Tongues' by Anna Nowak

This will be a year full of tense atmosphere, unforeseen events and surprises. Your calm character will be put to the test and you are very likely to lose your legendary calm. You will encounter strange people trying to destabilize you, forcing you to change your habits and give up some of the things you hold on to so dearly. This year pervades with misunderstanding. It will be required of you to deal with some form of manipulation. Keep your eyes wide open and remember to keep your cool. Sort out everything that is required of you. The changes will not just be negative. There are going to be many opportunities to meet other people, but you will prefer to focus on testing your personal charm rather than searching for serious involvement.

Director, choreography: Ania Nowak
Performance, creation: Oskar Malinowski, Aleksandra Osowicz, Rafał Pierzyński, Jaśmina Polak
Dramaturge: Mateusz Szymanówka
Sound design: Justyna Stasiowska
Costumes: Grzegorz Matląg/ Wsiura
Lights design: Jędrzej Jęcikowski
Tarot reading: Samuel Draper
Curator of the Theatre 2118 project: Tomasz Plata

Part of the set design is work "Mother Tongues & Father Throats" by Slavs and Tatars.





photo: Maurycy Jan Stankiewicz

photo: Maurycy Jan Stankiewicz

pic: Maurycy Jan Stankiewicz

photo: Maurycy Jan Stankiewicz


'Untitled 2018' (Holding Horizon) a performance by Alex Baczyński-Jenkins

Frieze Artist Award, London 2018 

La Biennale di Venezia 2019




This year’s award winner, Alex Baczynski-Jenkins’ new commission continues his choreographic practice engaging with queer relationality and the politics of desire, intimacy, and friendship.


In the work, Alex draws on the box step, a basic movement used in several social dances, to create a choreography that explores collectivity, subjectivity, queer embodiment and desire. Synchronized movements co-exist with moments of slippage and letting go, each body playing host to individual and shared affections. In this altered state, the box step becomes a container for the relational force that resides in moving with others.


Performance: Agata Grabowska, Trian Normanson, Rafał Pierzyński, Ewa Dziarnowska, Billy Morgan 







'Until a thousand roses bloom (with Warsaw in the background)' 

by Alex Baczyński-Jenkins, 2018

Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw



performance: Filip Rutkowski, Katarzyna Szugajew, Agata Grabowska, Billy Morgan, Joseph Funnell, Rafał Pierzyński, Ewa Dziarnowska


performance documentation Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw






'Floating House (Hopefully on the way forward)' by Elena Giannotti, 2017

Bassano del Grappa, Maastricht, London, Livorno, Florence

Direzioni: Elena Giannotti

Di e con: Nick Bryson, Elena Giannotti, Rafał Pierzyński, Mia D’ambra, Penelope Pistoia

Sound: Spartaco Cortesi

Luci: Valeria Foti

Produttore Creativo: Lisa Gilardino

Floating House (Hopeful on the way forward) o Casa Galleggiante è una coreografia modulare, che ospita diversi artisti e le loro idee. Si tratta di un progetto scomposto, realizzato in diversi luoghi, con persone e materiali diversi. Il tema del lavoro è quello del sogno, inteso come struttura mentale e condizione psicofisica. Gli artisti coinvolti portano nella casa il loro lato notturno, le idee della solitudine e dell’immaginazione. Il teatro dell’anima viene inscenato e dissezionato. Il singolo si mostra come espressione dei molti. I molti convivono ‘pieni di speranza della via da seguire’.



questo progetto è realizzato grazie a: PIVOT DANCE finanziato da: Creative Europe Programme of the European Unionco-prodotto da:The Place, Dutch Dance Festival e Operaestate Festival

Realizzato a:Operaestate Festival VenetoProduzione di: Company Blu Con il Supporto di:  Birr Theatre Ireland, Atelier delle Arti Livorno, Studiotrade, Grangebeg Camphill Dunlavin, Firkin Crane Cork








Rafał Pierzyński and Martyna Lorenc.


What you see is what you get is what we extracted from the process of intense movement/state research. using: strict physical tools and metaphysical challenges, techno fast-beat music, long movements sessions based on simple repetitions, holotropic breathing, etc., we challenge our usual states of being and dive into altered states of body and mind.


The installation is reduced to sharp, thin lines designing our space. the space-in-between the strings seem to create surfaces and make the invisible present. The non-empty space seems to bend and dynamically tangle around the installation, what calls for a metaphor of gates between space 'here' and viewer's ideas of potential 'there'.


Applying this feature to all elements of the performance we provide only frames, open spaces for a viewer to enter.


video material here