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dear Mask, 

I made a mistake again- calling you Soap instead of Mask! I am the Soap and you are the Mask. I will know it now. But we can also switch. Switching is a great action. Especially when you do something for a long time and then you switch. It can be refreshing and makes you go forward. But only if you did something for a long time first. I had been near the Water. She is nice. She knows the Beach.  






Dear Towel, 

we had been getting into trouble today. I knew it's going to come but there was no way to stop that. I am almost sure it's some black powers that have sent us there. I am also sure that if you would be with us here we would not get into trouble. Or maybe we would and it would be even more spectacular. Everything with you is spectacular but in a soft way. I like your hands- because you have no hands and that's why I like them.  

Mask had not been very well these days- she got tired but doesn't want to admit it. We had many experiences and now it's time to share them. We don't know yet how but we are going to find out. 

Poverty had been getting under my skin lately and I can't get it out. It hurts a lot. 

I am tired of bonding with men. I have many female friends on the streets cause many smile to me and I know we are friends. But I need to dance with them and talk to them, make tea together, paint nails and talk about pussy. Lately a friend sent me a message on what's up asking if I've heard a new  album from M.I.A yet and that she has to think of me while listening to it. My heart was caressed. 


I am kissing you fresh, 

your Soap 



Dear Water, 

I am very happy you are here. If comforts me to see you. Stories get written by themselves. For now it's the only way I can deal with the situation here. Everything is new and there is no one to be washed. I need open hearts and dirty skin.  

For now I will just keep on lying and swimming in you. Getting softer. 






Dear Towel, 

My dreams are crazy lately. I am in the mountains. Water and Mask are not with me. It's hard but I am getting used to it. Also I would like to know how is it to spend some time touching with fairy of the satellites. Did I tell you about them? Such a sweet, sweet energy! But about that in the next letter. How are you dear Towel? Did you dry well on the sun after our last adventure? We still didn't hear from you. I am starting to get worried. 







I am one of the syrens that live here- in the port of Casablanca. I came here thousand years ago and my plan is to stay another thousand. I sing my songs only between 4 and 5 in the morning. My tail is orange and my head is blue. I have no hair.  

I usually crawl into the streets of old medina. I sing the first song in front of the door I choose very carefully. To choose the right door is the key to success. The person that opens the door is usually very sleepy so when they open the door I kiss them firmly and they go back to sleep.  


So when you need me darling, can't you hear me sos.  


Then I hang myself on the door so that half of my body is looking to the street and my tail is hidden  towards the inside of the house. Then I start to sing the most beautiful song I know. If you want to imagine how precious it is you can imagine one million dollar lap dance and you will know what I am talking about. 


I seem so far away though I am standing near.  




Sur Facebook, 12.10.2016 

Dear mask, 

I am in the mountains and came to eat French fries in a kebap place. I think people are from maroco or some Arabic country and it makes me feel even better here. There is no one but me so there is a little bit of pressure. But I am not to worried cause I read a book in Polish and it makes me feel home. It's about a women who cleans hotel rooms and this bring memories about the time in Casablanca cause the hotel from the story is called Capital and that's almost like Central. I am happy I have you, though you are not mine. The French fries are good but a bit airy. I didn't meet any mermaids yet, just two wild cats. Today. While running. I love you more than ever and not strong enough yet. On Saturday I go to the cinema to see new Xavier dolan. I will probably think of you. Yours, 




Dear Soap,  

I am here, high by the beach with Lana and I was just talking about you, Cadiz, Casa and all that jazz. She says she still doesn't believe all these stories and our love. But she knows some mermaids from the neighbourhood so she could at least understand what am sayin'. In fact I still think she is a mermaid too. Nevermind. I am yours and love you from the West to East. The beach and wind is our witness. I am seriously thinking to escape to one of the moons of Jupiter. What do you think? The moon of the Earth makes me crazy lately. Be careful with the air in fries and these moroccans, you know what happen to us thousand years ago back in Morocco?! They never change! Any news from the towel? I am getting worried!  

Your dear Mask 


p.s. If you will watch new Xavier without me I am watching these Swedish movie - not kiddin 




Dear Soap,  

I have lost my virginity to the reality last week during a trip unfolding truth of life. As a towel, I feel the water hasn't washed over my thoughts, in the same time making me feel like fading the colours of my skin. Would you be able to share your idea of relationship between you and water? Or more specifically between you and me? I know it's personal so please answer to my request as you feel good about it.  

Warmly, Towel 



Dear Towel, 
I to pass your letter to the Soap. 
existance and whole being bubbles from happines to hear from you. 
I am in Poland washing my soul from all what is gone and before all that is yet to come. 
Simulatneously, I am softly covering peoples faces and hearts with healing light and beauty. In regenaration of others I seek my own rebirth.  
Understending Water and our relatioship with her is still a question for all of us. You can be proundMask 
Softly yours, 
 you ask and wonder, do not judge yourself you do not know. Together we might find out. 


Dear mask,  

your existence and warm shining light covering my whole being under the sun. Together, physically or mentally, we find the rebirth as individual and group in the end of tunnel. My heart shakes because of the pure joys and love from you. Sending gentle loving cloud your way.  

Warmly, Towel 




my loved ones, 

firstly- dear Towel, 
you can't imagine how pleasant it was to receive news that you want to be involved in this communication, process; unfolding unknown, even if for a while 

my life had been a little troubled last months cause many decisions took place, time was passing very slow but a lot has happened at the same time. I also had to cut my empathy towards issues I deeply care about. Sometimes it's the only thing you can do. And SOMEtimes it turns out the best. 

You have to know that as a Soap I am a rather efficient entity. I want bodies and souls to get washed, nothing more or less then that. 

Me and Water are not always in the best relationship actually. For now she is not talking to me much. I think it's because she believes that sometimes if you want to get someone washed effectively you have to let him rest in the Water first- for a long time. She doesn't want me to be involved then. But Mask, you know me, I sometimes have that fire burning. Cause I know how it's done and I need it to be done.  
That is why I need water. She smooths me out. She softens my edges. She makes me melt, I love that feeling. 

Water loves you on the other hand. You make her rest. You embrace her- that's why the washed out colours. You become like her. You become her. On the other hand when I think of it, there is much more to think of. Sun, Sand, Wind... they all get under your skin too. You need to be careful. Towels hasWhen you die, you disappear. Death is beautiful and we all need it while alive. It's the same as life- brings lightness. Both in terms
such gentle souls. of 
colors and weight. It's pointless to believe otherwise but then again- I haven't talk to Water for a long time. My edges are pretty sharp at the moment and sometimes I tend to have very final tone. It's just an impression. Nothing is for sure and 'everything dies and everything changes' as our beloved Abra says, especially our opinions. 

I am curious what do you think about yourself and us, Towel. You put it so beautifully about the Mask, how she shines and loves us all. She had been so important to me, you can't imagine. Thousands times in my life already, in critical moments, I could see the most beautiful reflection of the world in her face, keeping me assured my queerest dreams are there to care for and not to criticize. 

Would be great to hear how you two have met, was it a hot or a cold day? Was Water there?  

I smile to you both, 

your Soap 



10.10.2017, Londyn 



Mydło Moje, 

Londyn jest jak w pochmurny dzień blondyn. Dopiero sie poznajemy. Jest rzeka, sa mosty, nawet banki mydlane, ale poza nimi Po Tobie ani śladu. Gdzie jesteś, czyje ciała, myśli, dusze, dupy, pachy myjesz kiedy nie szukasz wody ze mna? 

Mydlane banki nagle zakryły bulwary nad Tamiza. Musialas mnie usłyszeć. No tak, jasne ze jesteś.  




p.s Jak ci sie podoba moj nowy wirtualny pokój? Po co mi jakiś normalny? 



Zurych, 29.11.2017 


dear Mask, 

what a pleasure to get those beautiful tattoos the other day with you- 

since you said they are like babies- I really feel like something is growing inside, or at least travelling into my bones and blood and shit 

actually really amazing 

when I think of it now I understand it was magical 

I was too tired before 

now I am born again 



hope you understand 


I hope to get some more soon, the idea with the octopus on the sacrum, like kinda of sunny octopus 
octupusy sea horse  

just fab 

like a dream to me 

like a dream come true 



all I wanna do is get high by the beach 

in fact 

this winter is killing me 

water turns into snow 

and you know what that means for me 


I need hands on my sacrum as much as I need an octopus 

hands bring me warmth and so does she 





p.s. soon watching this movie from myazaki that is about me saving the world? 




23.01.2018, Zurich 


Dear Stream, 


divas are writing letters to divas. 

Soap and I think you are a diva 

a water kind of diva. 

you see, we have this thing 

we write about water to each other 

from a perspective of objects that need water to exist 

or their existance gain sense only with water near them. 


I am a Mask, for face, for body, for hands, for harts. cleaning and moisturising 

Aga is a Soap, cleaning, smelling, full of colors and shapes 

Magda is a Shower, refreshing, relaxing, listening 

there is also others; a Towel, and another Towel.. 


you reminded us of a Stream, calm and lasting, listening and empowering 


It was nice to feel your soothing energy last time when we met 

when Shower was playing first part of a Cactus concert, 

you remeber

We went for a drink after.. .  


we are throwing a party 

an occasion to meet, drink and dance 

there will be some collage works and a release of the zine that I did recently 


we would be so happy to see you there. 


Warszawa, Wieża, 6.08.2018

Mydlo Moje


'Mimo, że fale powstają, istota waszego umysłu jest czysta; jest jak czysta woda o niewielu falach.


Właściwie woda zawsze ma fale.

Fale są praktyką wody.


Mówienie o falach w oderwaniu od wody lub o wodzie w oderwaniu od fal, jest ułudą.

Woda i fale są jednym.(...)'


S.Suzuki Umysł Zen tak pisze, ciekawe czy fale są praktyką miłości? Powiedz, miłość zawsze ma fale? Uwierzyłabyś mu? Ja wierzę.



Dużo myślę o studni, o źródle i o tym jak być matką, tworząc.

Woda jako rodzicielka, matka nasza.


Podobno też 'jeśli jesteśmy tacy jak żaba, jesteśmy zawsze sobą.

Ale nawet żaba czasami gubi się i robi kwaśną minę.

A jeśli coś się pojawi, złapie to i zje.


Większość ludzi żyje w ułudzie, wikłają się w swój problem, próbują go rozwiązać. Ale żyć, znaczy właśnie żyć w problemach. A rozwiązać problem, to być jego częścią, być z nim jednym.' S.Suzuki


Kupiłem dziś mydło, pięknie pachnie będzie nam do siebie bliżej.


Masz dziś urodziny, a w prezencie Venus wkracza w znak Wagi.


Jestem dobrą matką.

Jestem królową, żabą na Mokotowie, w bezkresnych parkach, nad stawami siadam na ławkach jak na tronach i myślę, a myśląc mienie się w słońcu.


A Ty? Would you be a tyrant? If I gave you power, would you take it all???


Rock that Rotterdam beb.


Nie pozostaje mi nic innego jak życzić Ci dużo wody.

Maska Twoja.





I've seen them




ten of their



back then


with gifts

that by now


belonged to neither



natural, poor

very like a whale.





20.09.2018, Rotterdam 

beloved Mask and Shower, 

I just got this beautiful text from  

the Mask 


and wrote to Lucie about it 

and then  


I need to share this with everyone 

I know 

all the divas I swear  

were born 



water is the queen of them all, 

I always thought 

of soil  

though to be the most crucial element 


you know, 

I always liked 

to watch it from close* 


to be very close  


but water is in movement already 

so you don't have to move it 

if you 


you are moved 

you move 

you move you 

I wrote a poem this evening just before I read the text about water from the Mask 

I sent it to you in attachment 

padam na ryja but still 


waterfall love, 












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