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Aga Pędziwiatr and Rafał Pierzynski (DIVAS) continue their exploration of queer spaces
and in-between zones of consciousness. For their setting of “Forget it before you wake up,
remember to call me later” they invited Magda Drozd to join them for the sound performance.
These three creatures inhabit the space of come-down. It might seem exotic but
they are simply exhausted: this saturation comes with the reappearance of hallucinatory
figures. The work started long ago and will continue to evolve in a future that perpetually
escapes the known. We can never hold it in place.
DIVAS is a duet based on a mutual interest in work and theory concepts connected to
queer life, magic, healing, love, witchcraft, feminism, gay culture, pop music and more. We
create events/performances based on finding forms of dialogue with an audience and multimedia
material including movement, sound, video, objects. In CLINICA DE DIVAS
TRANSFORMATIVAS we develop our skills as fake healers and fortune tellers. Providing
a platform for individuals to experience dancing, poetry reading, touch and other forms of
being together that we are open to discover with each single person. DIVAS are eternally
grateful for the work of AA Bronson, Maya Deren, Jack Halberstam, Hortense Spillers,
Grace Jones.

Choreography and performance
Aga Pędziwiatr
Rafał Pierzynski

Sound performance
Magda Drozd

Simone Aughterlony
Martin Zimmermann

Light Design
Anutoshen M. Hüer

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