The Soap

She’s got the power. Gently purifying. Easily collaborates with the others, especially with waters. Very social person, though her strength is to cut through and set things clear if necessary. Her wisdom comes mostly from women and she is growing to be a wonderful witch. She loves adventures and involves herself in urban rituals. You can meet her in underground clubs softly helping others to shake their trauma on the dance floor. She comes in different colours and shapes.


*WARNING: jak się wkurwi to się pieni

The Mask
Balance isn’t static. As proper Libra, she has this amazing ability to make things happen and provide results in beautiful style. She is all about balance and light. She is a true blessing to anyone who knows how to receive it. She can be instant and she can be devoted. Though, Mask is not devoted to concepts and likes to keep things in process – as they are. She's got some gorilla and eagle powers that only her lovers know about. When she is in trance she can get deep into your skin and that's usually really good for you.

The Shower

She is the one that saves us. Her gentle showers will sooth the worst dryness of the heart. She works, works, works and makes things happen. With a smile and set of superpowers. 
Nothing stays dry when she's around. If you're nice she knows the right way for things to be. Stay nice cause you don't want her to be too hot on ya, too cold on ya.
The goddess of sound. Her waves are vibrating through the space transferring the powers of divas even into the most remote places. With her help, darkness turns into light. 

Water whispers to Shower deepest secrets and she drops it onto all of us like it's hot.